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Trustees Private Wealth helps you plan, grow, and protect your assets through all of life's stages. 

By handling everything under one roof there are fewer moving parts and fewer opportunities for your financial goals to be disrupted.

With our Private Wealth team leading lawyers and accountants on-site, the left hand knows exactly what the right hand is doing. This is why you can trust Trustees Private Wealth to be your experienced guide.

We've been helping families plan, build, and retain their wealth since 1881. We know there’s a lot to consider and it pays to add a panel of experts to your team.

Wealth creation and protection by people who care about you.

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Follow your path

Where we join your journey depends on your current path.
From a financial perspective, you have three key life stages.

Investment Advice

We provide a range of services for individuals and organisations looking to grow their investment portfolios. Whether it's diversification, new income opportunities or portfolio protection, we can help with guidance and management that is right for you.

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Financial & Retirement Planning

Our Private Wealth Financial Advisers know the importance of financial planning. We can establish your goals and create a custom financial strategy by looking through various financial and investment lenses so that success is within your reach today for tomorrow.

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Private Portfolio Management Services

We ensure your money is always working for you by investing in a diverse range of investments in New Zealand and abroad. We're research experts and professional investors who know how to choose the right investments that allow you to enjoy growth and liquidity.

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Private Wealth Financial Advisers

Our team of Financial Advisers are specialists at generating growth whilst managing risk. Once we discover your unique circumstances, investment objectives and appetite for risk, we can recommend the best investment approach to meet your goals. Overseen by a specialised investment committee, our independence means that we are not tied to any third-party arrangements or providers. This ensures you receive advice without agendas or barriers.

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The Trusts Act 2019 significantly modernised trust law. It has clarified the role of trustees and advisers in setting up and running trusts. Whilst there is a lot to consider, a properly established trust can still be a powerful tool to securely pass on your assets. 

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Family Trusts

A family trust can provide you with peace of mind, and continued security for your family. A properly planned trust deed will protect your assets against the risks of tomorrow and provide financially for future generations too. 

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Inheritance Trusts

An inheritance trust cannot be contested in the same way as a bequest under a Will. They ensure that your loved ones are taken care of in the event you pass on. When you plan for the future, it's important to know your best options. 

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Charitable Trusts

There are many ways to make a difference in the world. One of the most effective and rewarding options is to establish a charitable trust to put your values into action. Make a lasting impact on the communities you care about, whilst realising your philanthropic aspirations. 

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Funeral Trusts

A bereavement and the funeral that goes with it will affect your loved ones – both emotionally and financially. One way you can remove some of the financial burden on your family is to establish a funeral trust to cover or contribute towards the costs of your funeral expenses.

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Private Wealth Trust Experts

Our team are specialists at securing peace of mind. As a trustee or co-trustee, we work closely with our legal team to carefully prepare and review your trust to ensure it complies with the Trusts Act 2019. 

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Agency Services

We can help you manage your financial and property affairs. We protect your best interests by handling specific agreed tasks on your behalf. Tasks can include arranging housekeeping, paying bills, managing bank accounts and your property, and sorting your grocery deliveries.

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Estate Planning

Whether you want your wealth to pass directly to your loved ones or leave a lasting legacy to a charity you support, we provide estate planning advice and tools that you and your family can trust. 

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Enduring Powers of Attorney

If you lose the ability to make important decisions yourself through illness, age or accident, an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) is a legal document that gives someone else power to manage some or all of your affairs on your behalf. 

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Estate Administration

The decisions you make about your Will can be difficult, but a critical element to its success is who you appoint as executor. As specialists in estate administration (and law, accounting, investment and taxation), we can provide invaluable support, by acting as your executor. 

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Creating a Will

A Will is a great way to ensure your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes. As well as looking after loved ones you can also leave bequests and gifts, give to charities, ensure the family heirlooms are left in safe hands, and more. 

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Will Pricing

The cost of a Will varies, depending on its complexity. Our online DIY version can be completed by you for $120. If your Will is not straightforward or you want our support, a tailored Will starts at $370 and increases with complexity.  

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Online Wills 

An online will is a good option when your requirements are really straightforward and you wouldn’t benefit from a personal consultation. At $120 this is a really cost-effective option. Once it’s ready, you can print and sign it and get it witnessed to make it legal. 

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Estate Planning Team

Our Estate Planning team are specialists at guiding you and advising tailored solutions to ensure your wealth is best structured for your beneficiaries. 

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Five reasons to trust Trustees Private Wealth

Where you turn for advice is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.
Here are five reasons to let us guide you to a secure financial future:


We’re independent, impartial and always available. We are here for our clients, and work to facilitate their success to the best of our ability.


We’ve been protecting assets for Kiwis for over 140 years.


Our clients place great importance on our sound governance and oversight at all levels of our business.


Our OneTE "Clients First" Service Charter was created around a core purpose - being a trusted partner and adviser that works for you, and with you.


We are an acknowledged leader in corporate trustee and outsourced back-office fund administration services in New Zealand.

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