Fund Administration

Simplifying portfolio administration

As part of our fund administration solution, we are a leading provider of portfolio administration services. Our expertise includes custody, investment accounting, unit pricing and reporting services. We have over NZ$108 billion New Zealand dollars of assets under administration.

As Kiwis’ wealth increases, so does the demand for financial services from advisers and fund managers who are able to provide premium advice with modern technologies that help them pursue innovation agendas of their own. 

We provide our clients with access to the wealth of resources and information they need for success. We stay ahead of trends by using automation, insights and new technologies to harness valuable investor and market data and strengthen business digital strategies.

We specialise in domestic New Zealand and Australian custody, master custody and settlement services for a range of financial products

Full custodial and reporting services for all security types, we specialise in:

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All domestic and international markets, assets are held by Trustees Executors or a sub-custodian of choice where appropriate.

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Trade Settlement

We complete settlements for all commonly traded New Zealand and Australian securities, as well as New Zealand and international unitised securities. Internationally traded securities are settled via our sub-custodian.

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Custody and Settlement Reporting

We tailor reporting to meet our clients’ requirements. It can include position holding reports, bank statements, cash flow reports and outstanding settlements.

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Trade Capture

Trade instructions are accepted via fax, email or third party platforms such as IRESS and Omgeo. Rigorous authorisation processes are applied to each trade and are then added to our investment administration system which controls the settlement process.

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Compliance and Audit

We comply with New Zealand regulations when servicing retail and wholesale clients. We also maintain compliance regarding regulations around servicing Registered Schemes. All clients receive independent audit assurance which is in line with New Zealand regulation and best practices.

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Corporate Action Management

We provide income collection services, capital structure and proxy notification services.

Accredited Depository Participant

Supporting innovation in the New Zealand KiwiSaver Landscape

Our accreditation as a depository participant with NZX Clearing allows us to offer differentiated and innovative services to our clients that bring new products to market for the benefit of Kiwi investors.

Investment Accounting

For more than 25-years we have been leading providers of investment accounting and unit pricing services to the managed fund industry. 

Our highly experienced team provide security valuation, unit pricing, statutory financial statements and periodic investment reporting (including performance reporting) services for a variety of managed fund products including unit trusts, PIEs and superannuation funds.

Our Investment Accounting services include:
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Unit Pricing

Our specialists work with several fund manager clients and approximately 100 funds. All unit prices are subject to rigorous checks and controls including measurement to market benchmarks. The breadth of products we service extends across the managed funds space from traditional PIE funds to legacy insurance mandates with specific requirements.

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Statutory Financial Statements

With our fully IFRS compliant audited financial statements, you can be confident if you face any challenge. We can manage the accounts preparation and audit timetable for a seamless experience and liaise with entities auditors, tax advisers, custodians, trustees and other interested parties.

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Periodic Investment Portfolio Reporting

Our core periodic investment reporting service includes monthly, quarterly or six-monthly reporting, management financial statements, trial balances, portfolio valuation reports, transaction and cash reporting. We can also provide access to a reporting tool that allows custom reporting to meet client-specific requirements.

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Performance Reporting

Our ability to deliver performance reporting both on a time and money-weighted return basis is one of our special features. Performance can be reported at an individual security level, sector level, portfolio level or consolidated portfolio level. Net fund return reporting based on unit price returns and FMCA compliant fund return reporting (i.e. fund returns using highest PIR and 0% PIR) is also available.

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Portfolio Valuation Reporting

We provide professional portfolio valuations that are updated daily and include full revaluations and accruals of income for all securities. Investment valuations can either be based on a close price basis, a bid price basis or a close price unless outside the bid/offer spread, then bid price basis (required for IFRS compliant accounts). We also offer an amortised yield to maturity valuations.

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