Our Purpose and Values

Living our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose and Values are the Foundation of our Success

Trustees Executors plays a vital role in working with people to protect their assets for a successful future for their families. This is our purpose and the reason we are here. 

The trust that our clients, communities and our people place in us and our high standards of ethical behaviour are fundamental to everything we do.

Our Code of Conduct defines how we conduct our business and holds us accountable to always "Do the Right Thing". It sets out the standards expected of everyone who works in our organisation, from our values and behaviours to key policies and guidelines to help our people in the decision making process. It also provides a roadmap on what to do if our people are faced with difficult situations and encourages them to speak up if they feel things aren't right or find themselves in a situation inconsistent with our values and behaviours.  

Committing to these principles means that at Trustees Executors we all work together, encourage collaboration and act with integrity, always.

The OneTE "Clients First" Service Charter

Your trusted partner and adviser, working for you, with you

Closely aligned to our Code of Conduct is our Client Charter which is built around a core purpose - being a trusted partner and adviser that works for you, and with you, the customer.

We recognise that we are here for our clients, and work to facilitate their success to the best of our ability. This client-oriented approach is critical to our long-term success. Maintaining this focus as a guide ultimately makes us as effective as possible for our clients, and thereby serves to drive and maintain our own success as a market leader.

The Charter is ultimately both a guide for us, and also a document to which our clients will hold us accountable. It is our promise and commitment that we listen, we care, and we are here to deliver an exceptional level of service. We will apply our focus, expertise, and the latest technologies to facilitate our clients' success.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, our Code of Conduct, or our Charter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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