Why Choose Us?

A leader in Licensed Financial Markets Supervisor and Wholesale Trustee

Ensuring New Zealand has well-regulated financial markets

With five decades of experience, we have established one of the largest Corporate Trustee teams in the business. This has allowed us to set the standard for excellence by providing second-to-none customer service, and become the market leader for supervisor and trustee services of corporate financial market participants.

Our Trustees Corporate Supervision team is made up of experienced professionals who provide oversight for organisations seeking funds from retail investors. As supervisors, we provide a watchful eye over the supervised entity to ensure our clients perform their duties and obligations within requirements set by legislation and the documents governing their offer, such as the trust deed.

Trustees Corporate Supervision is part of Trustees Executors and operates separately with an independent board

We oversee the supervision and administration of client investment assets in excess of $210 billion.

A Trusted Supervisory Team


Stability and continuity. We've been here for over 140 years and will continue to be here for our clients, adapting to changing times and evolving customer needs.


Robust governance starting at board level and integrated across our entire organisation, uniquely complemented by corporate trustee expertise.


A clear ownership structure affords us great fiscal strength and provides significant comfort to our clients.


We have one of the most experienced and knowledgeable corporate trustee teams available in the New Zealand marketplace.


We 'get' risk, with an acute appreciation of the importance our clients place in sound governance and oversight at all business levels.

Our Clients

SBS Bank
Kernel Wealth
Pie Funds
first mortgage trust

What our clients are saying

Dean Anderson, Kernel Wealth

From day one our engagement with Trustees Executors has been proactive and outcome focused, with their team making our supervisor transition seamless. Kernel is a nimble business, moving quickly to develop innovative new solutions for the NZ market, and Trustees Executors has proven to be a great partner at making that happen, acting efficiently to achieve a practical outcome for all involved.

Dayle Engelbrecht, Consilium

Trustees Executors have been very a supportive and collaborative Supervisor to work with. The staff are very knowledgeable, complete tasks in a timely fashion and provide valuable input. We have found the experience of the Trustees Executors' team to be invaluable as we develop new solutions. Their willingness to share experiences and discuss different approaches to suit our style of business has created an excellent foundation for a long-term relationship.

Doug Booth, Fisher Funds

We have a longstanding relationship with Trustees Executors as the Supervisor of our retail and wholesale funds. We have found them to be a proactive and knowledgeable partner in ensuring effective governance of our funds and business generally. We value their in-depth understanding of our business and their pragmatic approach to dealing with any issues that may arise from time to time.

Aaron Hockly and Vanessa Flax

We appreciate the responsive and professional service which we have received over the years that Trustees Executors Limited has been our supervisor.