Full custodial and reporting services for all security types, we specialise in:


All domestic and international markets, assets are held by Trustees Executors or a sub-custodian of choice where appropriate.

Trade Settlement

We complete settlements for all commonly traded New Zealand and Australian securities, as well as New Zealand and international unitised securities. Internationally traded securities are settled via our sub-custodian.

Custody & Settlement Reporting

We tailor reporting to meet our clients’ requirements. It can include position holding reports, bank statements, cash flow reports and outstanding settlements.

Trade Capture

Trade instructions are accepted via fax, email or third party platforms such as IRESS and Omgeo. Rigorous authorisation processes are applied to each trade and are then added to our investment administration system which controls the settlement process.

Compliance and Audit

We comply with New Zealand regulations when servicing retail and wholesale clients. We also maintain compliance regarding regulations around servicing Registered Schemes. All clients receive independent audit assurance which is in line with New Zealand regulation and best practices.

Corporate Action Management

We provide income collection services, capital structure, and proxy notification services.