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We can help you achieve your goals

Whether you’re looking to achieve portfolio growth, diversification, new income opportunities or protection for your existing investments, we provide expert advice, investment plans and tailored portfolio management to help you achieve your goals.

The value of advice

Value is all about achieving what’s important to you. Trustees Private Wealth financial advisers understand that your investment portfolio is part of your wider life planning. Money (or cashflow) is an important aspect of such planning but it also goes beyond that – your trusted adviser should always understand your values. Your values will drive your choices and that’s where the benefit of having an adviser walk beside you and develop that deeper knowledge of “you” can successfully translate into meeting your life plans.

You can expect us to provide value in the form of:

  • Regular meetings to review progress, plan ahead and make adjustments in line with your changing circumstances.
  • Ongoing adjustment of the portfolio to keep it in line with the investment plan.
  • Monitoring the investment assets to ensure they are the most appropriate for your needs.
  • Providing regular reports to keep you fully informed.

How our investment process works


Meet for a complimentary consultation


Establish your current situation and goals


Create an investment proposal


Implement the portfolio


Review and monitor the portfolio and performance

Secure and flexible investment structures

Our investment approach is tailored specifically to you.

You may be cautious, adventurous or a mixture of both – so we focus on creating portfolios that will not only achieve your objectives, but take into account your personal preferences, making sure we maximise returns within your agreed level of risk.

Our job is to ensure your money is consistently working for you through the right types of investments that allow you to enjoy the growth of your investments whilst also retaining the benefits of liquidity.

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An investment philosophy built on high quality research

Our Private Wealth advisers work alongside an expert in-house investment team who are there to ensure your investment strategy is well researched, flexible and implemented successfully.

The investment team is overseen by the Trustees Executors’ Investment Committee, comprising of highly experienced investment professionals and financial services experts with independent representation for that extra layer of governance and oversight.

We have academically proven beliefs that are used to create your investment plan and ultimately your investment portfolio.

  • Risk drives return
  • Diversification is essential
  • Asset allocation drives returns
  • Costs matter
  • Stay disciplined
  • Markets work – avoid trying to time them

Crafting Your Financial Strategy

Our starting point is that you should be well diversified across types of assets and geographically. However, if circumstances require otherwise, we can tailor portfolios in a less diversified way.

Trustees Executors is not owned by a bank, insurance company or funds management company. This frees us up to look widely, including globally, in an unbiased way for assets that we feel will work well for you. We do not have any tied arrangements or quotas with providers. Should there be any potential conflicts of interest we will disclose these to you.

Our investment strategies are based on high-quality research combined with disciplined decision-making that is grounded in our experience as professional investors. Our team of investment experts, overseen by a specialist Investment Committee, draw on research and market information from many sources before putting assets into a portfolio. These efforts can include, but are not limited to, interviews with asset providers and managers, evaluating research reports, interviewing and attending presentations by market participants such as fund managers, brokerage houses, asset allocation consultants and fund researchers.

And it’s not just a ‘set and forget’. All assets are under regular review to ensure performance is up to expectation and if not we will replace them. However, we are not a share broker and do not trade client portfolios to generate revenue.

Socially Responsible Investing

With the growing awareness of investing ethically many of our investors are seeking to adopt these philosophies through our Socially Responsible Investment Portfolios (SRI). Our investment services team specialise in this ever-evolving market.

Our Approach to Socially Responsible Investment

Our goal in implementing and managing SRI portfolios is to allow you to pursue your sustainability goals without giving up a sound investment framework. Our SRI portfolios are consistent with our standard portfolio in that they are globally diversified, low cost and based on academically backed investment strategies.

In addition to these characteristics an SRI portfolio features:

  • No controversial weapons and tobacco
  • A target of lower carbon emission exposure
  • The use of fund managers that incorporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors into their investment process

Ethical investing doesn’t have to be expensive. By selecting fund managers with varying degrees of sustainability we are able create a portfolio which excludes the most controversial industries, integrates an ESG process where it is efficient to do so, and includes several funds which target lower fossil fuel emissions.

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