What is a Trust?

A Trust can be a powerful tool to securely pass on your assets

Trusts have been a popular tool for families for centuries, but with the changing landscape of modern families, trusts have had to evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing needs of families in today's world. Gone are the days when trusts were only used by the wealthy to protect their assets from creditors and reduce estate taxes. Today, trusts are increasingly being used by families of all sizes and income levels to provide financial security, protect relationship property, and set up inter-generational investment structures.

A trust is a legal arrangement in which a trustee holds assets for the benefit of one or more beneficiaries. The trustee is responsible for managing and distributing the assets according to the terms set out in the trust agreement. Trusts can be used for a variety of purposes, including providing financial security and long-term support for families and protecting assets from creditors.

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Funds and assets that aren’t properly protected might be lost to creditors, bankruptcy claims, divorce settlements, or taxation claims before they ever reach your loved ones. One way to help prevent this from happening is to set up an inheritance trust. Unlike a simple Will, a trust can actively protect your family interests according to your wishes even after your death.

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Inheritance Trusts

Find out how Trustees Executors can help you, whether you are looking for funding from one of the charitable trusts we administer, or are looking to establish a legacy of your own.

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Planning for the future is something that everyone should take seriously, and this includes planning for what happens after we pass away. While death is an uncomfortable topic, it is essential to address to ensure that our loved ones are taken care of when we are no longer here. One way to do this is by setting up a funeral trust. Funerals are an expensive exercise and on average cost around $10,000. This is a cost that you can help control now, to safeguard your family from absorbing any debt as a result.

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Funeral Trusts

A family trust can provide you with peace of mind, and continued security for your family. A properly planned trust deed will protect your assets against the risks of tomorrow and provide financially for future generations too. 

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Family Trusts

Some reasons you may consider a trust include:


Safeguarding your assets


Avoiding claims against your estate


Providing for dependants such as children and grandchildren


To provide for your funeral costs


Provide long-term support to charity

How can a Trust protect you and your family?

Appointing a Trustee

Who should I appoint as the trustee of my trust?

It is often prudent to select an independent professional trustee, such as Trustees Executors to be the trustee. Having an independent professional trustee helps to reduce family conflicts and pressures, as well as provide a full range of services to best meet the needs of your Trust, including investment and accounting services.

As specialist trustees we are independent, impartial and always available when you need us. We remain at the forefront of changing legislation in trust law and provide the stability and depth of experience that individuals alone can not.

The Trustee's Responsibility

  • Efficient management of a Trust
  • Keeps accounts and provides them to beneficiaries
  • Act personally
  • Duty of loyalty and to act as a fiduciary
  • Invest prudently
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Why set up a family trust?

In the modern context, the protections afforded by transferring assets to a trust include protections against relationship property issues, and if you’re a small business owner, protections against creditor claims. Blended families, increased costs of living, difficulty for the next generation to get into housing and multiple generations living in the same house are all reasons for considering a trust.

Are trusts still a useful asset protection tool since the Trusts Act 2019 changes?

The Trusts Act is set to modernise trust law and gives more transparency to beneficiaries whilst promoting trustee compliance and accountability. Despite the increased costs, they still play an important role for estate planning purposes. Protecting assets to provide for a partner or spouse whilst preserving an inheritance for your children or grandchildren, the managed distribution of a farm or business to the next generation, providing for vulnerable loved ones who may not be able to manage their own affairs, providing for specific purposes such as the education of your grandchildren, charitable purposes.