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Specialised charitable trustee services

Providing trusteeship to charitable entities is one of our areas of expertise and is a growing part of our service offering. We provide end-to-end trustee services as well as assisting clients to establish charitable trusts, foundations and preparing granting strategies across individual funding, contestable/organisation funding and scholarships.

In our role as a trustee, we work with a diverse group of people every day. This can range from reporting and presenting to high profile local influential boards or committee members, to assisting mum and dad trustees.

Trustees Executors' Charities Service is a dedicated and fully supported business unit based in our Wellington office, which offers specialised charitable trustee services within the Private Wealth portfolio.

New Zealand ranks highly against other countries when it comes to charitable giving. We believe it is important to maximise the generosity, in our role as a trustee. To achieve this, we are focused on transparency, efficiency and removing restrictions.

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