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Sep 1, 2022

Why, when and how should you make a Will?

While many Kiwis have never documented their wishes, all of us have affairs that need to be dealt with when we pass away. Wills are for everyone — not just the wealthy, or those with complex estates. Making a Will allows you to provide for your loved ones. Despite this, only half of New Zealanders actually have a Will today.

Take a few moments and ask yourself whether any of the following has happened that may affect your Will:

  • Has your marital status or personal situation changed?
  • Do you have children whose marital status or personal situation has changed?
  • Have you had a child or grandchild?
  • Have you bought a house or any other major asset?
  • Have you set up a family trust?
  • Have you received an inheritance or another sum of money?
  • Have you changed your mind about passing special items of significance to certain people?
  • Is the executor of your Will still appropriate?
  • Do you wish to make a bequest to a charity?
  • Has anyone included in your will passed away?

Our Wellington Trust Manager, Kellie McKinstry, sat down with Clarissa Hirst from the Financial Services Council and discussed why, when and how you should make a Will. Find out more in the Money and You consumer wellbeing episode below.

You can get in touch with any of our Trust Managers to arrange a Will. If your situation is simple you can also make your Will online with our new Online Will tool. If you need to make changes to ensure your wishes are accurately recorded, make an appointment with one of our experienced Trust Managers today.

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