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Oct 29, 2020

The Philip Wylie Charitable Trust

We’re proud to administer the Philip Wylie Charitable Trust. The trust was established in 2016 under the terms of the will of the late Mr Philip Wylie – whose charitable vision was to help make a difference in people’s lives.

Mr Wylie’s Legacy

The trust is the legacy of Mr Wylie, a retired gentleman and an active and generous philanthropist. He had a passion for property, in particular investment properties where he bought very astutely, rented and held long-term. He was extremely well thought of in the community and his tenants considered him a friend rather than a landlord.

Mr Wylie lived a very modest life and was deeply involved in his local church. At the time of his death he had a large property portfolio and still lived in what had been his childhood home. With no immediate family to inherit his assets, he made significant donations to his wider family and friends with the residual of his estate forming the charitable trust.  The trust continues in perpetuity with income distribution each year for the benefit of four charities dear to his heart.

Earlier this month The Philip Wylie Charitable Trust granted $56,937 to each of the following organisations:

-     Auckland City Mission
-     Christian Blind Mission International
-     Rhema Media Incorporated
-     Derek Prince Ministries New Zealand Trust

Justin Fox our General Manager, Private Wealth had the privilege of presenting some large grants from the Philip Wylie Charitable Trust to two of these worthy charities this week. One of these was the Auckland City Mission who will put the funds to good use to distribute food parcels to families and individuals in desperate need and helping homeless women who have suffered a history of abuse. The Christian Blind Mission will use their funding to provide medical help including eyesight restoration to the poorest communities of the world.

The Philip Wylie Charitable Trust is a shining example of the power of structured giving and demonstrates how ordinary New Zealander’s are making long-term contributions and significant differences in their communities.

At Trustees Executors, it’s our job to help you implement your charitable wishes. Our team of experts will guide you through identifying your vision and the impact you want to achieve either through a donation to charity in your will or through the establishment of a charitable trust.

David Rendell (Trustees Executors), Hermie Petersen (Christian Blind Mission), Tharina Naidoo (Trustees Executors), Robyn Tae (Christian Blind Mission), Chris Farrelly (Auckland City Mission), Sharissa Naidoo (Auckland City Mission), Pearl Comerford (Trustees Executors), and Justin Fox (Trustees Executors). 

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