Residential Care Subsidies 101

Jun 30, 2021


While many of us work for a lifetime to accumulate the funds needed for a comfortable retirement, residential care costs can put us in a difficult position. Because of this, the Ministry of Health offers residential care subsidies to qualified individuals. Getting access to these, however, involves a complex application process and not everyone qualifies. Therefore, it can be a good idea to work with a professional when it comes to assessing your options.

Who can get residential care subsidies?

Subsidies are provided to patients receiving contracted care services who are 65 or older, or between 50-64, provided that they have no spouse or dependent children. Additionally, they need to demonstrate financial need and require care for an indefinite length of time.

Those who qualify will have a portion of their costs covered directly by the Ministry of Health. This means that payments are made directly to the care institution, leaving the patient to cover the remainder of the cost.


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