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Nov 8, 2019

Have you ever thought about leaving a Gift for Charity?

Everyone has things they care about; a charity involving children, the elderly, animals, the environment, community services, health charities and many more. Perhaps you or your loved ones were supported by an amazing organisation, but you were unable to give back as generously as you would have liked in your lifetime. A bequest in your will is a great way to ensure their vital work carries on to support another person in times of need.

Anyone can leave a Gift to Charity

It’s a common myth that only the rich and famous leave money to charity when they die. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The reality is that without gifts left in wills by people like you, many of the charities we know and support wouldn’t even exist. Whoever you are, whatever your situation, you can help make a difference and help create a better world by including a charity in your will.

Talk to Trustees Executors about Including a Charity in your Will

Making a will is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. It’s the only way for you to say how your assets should be used after your death and means less confusion and heartache for your loved ones in their time of grief. If you don’t have a will or it’s not updated, people you don’t want to benefit may receive some or all of your assets.

At Trustees Executors we can help you fulfil something very special and rewarding by making or updating your will to include your favourite charity. It’s not about excluding your family – loved ones come first – but there’s room to consider both. And by including a charity you’ll be helping to build a more supportive community for your own children and grandchildren, something they’ll appreciate if they ever find themselves in need.

Different types of Bequests

Gifts can be anything you own including specific items, money, property or a percentage of your estate. There are four main types of gifts you can choose to leave to a charity.

  1. Residual - The remainder of your estate after considering your loved ones.
  2. Percentage or fractional- A gift expressed as a percentage or fraction of your estate.
  3. Pecuniary or specific - A specified gift which can be money, property or stocks and shares.
  4. Whole estate- This comprises your entire estate and is usually left by those without beneficiaries or those wanting to achieve something very significant.

Remember to talk to your family and friends about including a charity, so they don’t get any surprises and can ensure that your gift is received by the organisation.

Talk to a specialist at Trustees Executors about the type of gift that will best suit you and your estate.

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