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Securing Financial Futures since 1881

Before Trustees Executors was established in New Zealand in 1881, it was the practice for people to appoint a friend or acquaintance as their trustee when they drew up a will or trust deed. Naturally, the most able business people were called upon to be trustees.

Due to the rapid development of the Otago province at that time, prospective trustees often found that they had little time to attend to such affairs. In 1881 a group of prominent Dunedin businessmen looked to Australia and decided to adopt the concept of a trustee company.

Consequently, Trustees Executors was born as “The Trustees, Executors and Agency Company of New Zealand Limited”. The Company successfully expanded its business activities in 1882 when a private Act of Parliament was passed enabling it to operate as a Statutory Trust Company. 

The following extract from this Act, which states the purpose of the Company, is as relevant today as it was when it was passed in 1882:

"Whereas from the uncertainty of human life great difficulty often arises in securing the services of suitable persons for the office of trustee (and) executor... In order to secure the more certain discharge the duties of such offices a company has been formed... to remove much of the uncertainty and insecurity which attends the appointment of private individuals..."
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— Journey with us

— 140 years strong

Where we are today

For many years, Trustees Executors was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and following a brief period operating under the TOWER Trust branding in 1999, Sterling Grace (NZ) Limited acquired the business in 2003.

This resulted in the renaming of the Company to reflect its original name “Trustees Executors” and a subsequent re-branding of the business.

Trustees Executors has steadily grown from the original trust and estate business on which we were founded to our current service offering which has allowed us to enter new markets and engage new clients.

Celebrating a significant milestone

In 2021 the Company celebrates 140 years of proud and successful history. During our time in business we have weathered with our clients, storms that have touched all parts of the world — Two World Wars, The Great Depression, The Global Financial Crisis, multiple recessions and most recently the challenges of COVID-19. 

Our history has played an important role in shaping our future and throughout this shared journey we are proud to have supported and sustained our clients and our people. Not only are we still here — we're getting stronger.

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— 140 years strong