Creating a Will in New Zealand

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What is a Will?

A Will is the legal way to ensure that your wishes are respected when you’re gone. Your assets will be distributed as per your instructions. 

You can look after your loved ones in your absence, support your favourite charities with gifts and bequests, and pass on any property and heirlooms to your family and friends. You can also record your funeral wishes and appoint legal guardians for your children if necessary. 

One of the most important aspects of a Will is naming your executor and trustee. This is the person who you trust to apply to the High Court for probate, and to carry out your final wishes including collecting and distributing your assets, paying any debts, and dealing with any disputes. 

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If you die without a Will

Is creating an online Will right for you?

Everyone’s situation is different. An online Will is completed without specialist consultation with one of our team, so if you’re unsure if an online Will is right for your circumstances give us a call to discuss if an online Will covers exactly what you need it to. 

Before you get started, you need to read our important information to see if making an online Will is right for you. If it does you can then continue by paying just $120 and follow the simple step-by-step process. 

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Your options when preparing a Will

Our online Will tool is for people with simple instructions. If your situation requires consultation our fees are outlined below.

Online Will
Will Review
Writing the Will

Will drafting tool is provided only

Witnessing the Will
Storing the Will
Standard Will
Will Review
Writing the Will
Witnessing the Will
Storing the Will
Comprehensive Will
Will Review
Writing the Will
Witnessing the Will
Storing the Will
Complex Will
Time and attendance
Will Review
Writing the Will
Witnessing the Will
Storing the Will

Important things to consider when writing your Will

  • When should you prepare a Will in NZ?

    You never know what is around the corner so there is no time like the present to start thinking about your Will. That said, everyone over the age of 18 with $15,000 in assets should have a Will. This will save any undue stress and legal issues should you pass away without a Will.

  • When should you review your Will

    You should review your Will whenever your personal circumstances or wishes change. For example: 

    • You change your relationship or financial situation
    • You have children or grandchildren
    • You want to change your beneficiaries
    • Your children’s marital status has changed.
  • How do I get a Will?

    You can either contact one of our estate planning specialists here or view our online Wills page to see what might work best for you.

  • The key things to consider when preparing your Will include
    1. Appointing an executor to manage your estate and carry out the distribution of your assets
    2. Directions regarding the way in which you would like your body laid to rest
    3. If you have children under the age of 18, who would you like to appoint as their guardian?
    4. Do you wish to make any specific gifts in your Will?
    5. How do you want to allocate the residue of your estate?
    6. Are you about to get married?

    You can read more about these in detail here.

Why Choose Trustees Executors?

There is a lot to consider when writing your Will and it is important to get expert advice for your circumstances. Laws relating to relationship property, family and any promises of gifts can be complex and must be taken into consideration.

Trustees Executors is proud to be New Zealand’s longest serving and most experienced Trustee Company. Our experienced team have been providing personalised service to New Zealanders, to secure their financial future and manage and distribute their wealth since 1881. 

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