Bring your philanthropic vision to life

— The power of structured giving

Making a real difference in your community

An easy and successful way to realise your philanthropic aspirations is to establish a charitable trust.

When thinking about donating to a charity, it is important that you consider how the charity will spend your money, and how long the charity will exist for. Simply donating to a charity in your Will or by way of a gift may mean that your money is not spent the way you wish.

By setting up a charitable trust you can help ensure that the payment of regular income to your chosen charity is managed according to your wishes.


— The power of structured giving

Charitable trusts have some distinctive features:

Why choose Trustees Executors as your Trustee?

When establishing a charitable trust it is important that you have a trustee who will administer the assets of the trust in accordance with your wishes.

Trustees Executors is proud to be the trustee of a number of charitable trusts throughout the country and has helped numerous individuals and families fulfill their charitable vision and leave a lasting legacy for many worthy causes.

If you are interested in setting up a charitable trust or would like further information, please contact us to discuss how you can make a positive difference in your community.

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