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Keeping Your Will Up to Date

The next important step after making your Will is to ensure it remains securely kept and up to date – time and circumstances may drastically change what you own, to whom you wish to make bequests and how you wish to make them.


Your Will should be reviewed if:

Your relationship or financial situation has changed

You have had a child or grandchild

You wish to change who will benefit under your current Will

You have children whose marital status has changed


If changes in your life mean you need to make further updates, it's easy to contact us to make the necessary changes. We provide continuity so you and your family can have peace of mind that we will always be here when you need us.

It is also very important to let your family know where your latest Will is held or even give a copy to a family member you trust to put away for safe keeping. Things can get very complicated if you have moved or if any major life events have happened since the last acknowledged Will.

At Trustees Executors all of our Wills are kept on an up to date database and the originals are kept securely in our vault.


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