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What is a Trust?

Protecting your assets


Trusts are a powerful estate planning tool which may provide a greater level of protection, passing them on in a way that is most appropriate to your beneficiaries.

No trust should be set up without proper advice or an assessment of the impact of the trust on your overall position. We will look at your personal circumstances, your legal obligations, any dependants, your assets and liabilities and your future intentions with regard to your lifestyle and who may inherit your assets.

It is important that the trust is flexible, and yet has rules in place to ensure legality. A properly established trust cannot be contested in the same way as a bequest under a will, a trust gives the settlor greater certainty that his/her wishes will be acknowledged.

Therefore it is essential you choose a trustee with specialist knowledge, continuity and reliability. As specialist trustees we offer comprehensive advice and a number of trust structures to cater for a wide range of circumstances.

Some reasons you may consider establishing a trust include:


Safeguarding your assets.
A trust may help protect you and your family against personal and business-related creditor claims or may assist with protecting personal property.

Avoiding claims against your estate.
A properly established trust such as an inheritance trust, cannot be contested in the same way as a gift under a will, which gives greater certainty that your wishes will be implemented.

Taxation planning.
An incidental result of a trust owning income-earning assets is flexibility of tax treatment for a range of beneficiaries.

Providing for dependants such as children and grandchildren.
You can establish a trust for a specific purpose such as education, or if you have loved ones with physical or other disabilities.

To provide for your funeral costs.
You can relieve some of the financial burden on those closest to you by establishing a funeral trust to cover or contribute towards your funeral expenses. Find out more about Funeral Trusts.

Provide long-term support to charity.
Create a lasting legacy to a cause that you are passionate about. Find out more about Charitable Trusts.


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