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When Should You Revise Your EPA?
Who will be able to make important decisions about your affairs if you are unable to?

There may be a need to update your EPAs if your attorneys are no longer appropriate to act for you. It may be that you had appointed a previous partner, or perhaps that person has moved away. If you wish to change who you have appointed as your attorney, you can do this at any time however, you need to tell them in writing that their authority to act has been revoked.

If you do not do this, those attorneys will continue to have full authority to act under the EPA. An EPA can be suspended or revoked at any time – so long as you, as donor are still mentally capable.


Our Recommendation

Trustees Executors recommend you have a successor attorney especially for your personal care and welfare, in the event that your attorney is not available. Your successor attorney will have the same responsibilities as agreed for your attorney.

Having a successor attorney also means you do not have to review your EPA as often. If you have appointed your spouse/partner as your attorney and you are both unfortunately injured in the same accident, a successor attorney can start acting on your behalf immediately.



Failing to revise your EPA allows previous attorneys, or appointed partners full authority to act under the EPA...