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Our Private Wealth Advisers can also help you with your KiwiSaver investment. To ensure your savings are invested in the most suitable KiwiSaver scheme for you, we follow the 5 step process below:

KiwiSaver is easy to join if you talk to our advisers today

Complete a Fact find

Complete a Risk profile

Recommendation on most suitable KiwiSaver scheme for you

Ensuring the orderly transfer of assets to the right people

Projection on what your KiwiSaver investment will look like when you retire


Sorted.org.nz also has great guides on KiwiSaver and a KiwiSaver savings calculator to help you calculate how much money you should be contributing.


There's a huge amount we can achieve with KiwiSaver, especially with all those contributions going into our accounts. It's easy to join, but to make the most of our savings we need to make some important decisions along the way...