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Creating a Wealth Strategy
There’s a lot to think about when it comes to setting out your financial goals. Whatever your stage in life, there are three key aspects to consider: 


Building your wealth

Protecting your wealth

And eventually passing it on


Why choose Trustees Executors Private Wealth?

Where you turn for advice is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

At Trustees Executors Private Wealth, our team of experts will help you plan for your financial future. We believe that implementing and maintaining a wealth strategy is essential to keeping you on the path to financial freedom and security.

We provide a total wealth management service where you can get everything sorted in one place.

Our team of experts will help you plan for your financial future
Our highly personalised service offers everything from

Tailored financial and investment planning.

Expert portfolio management and estate planning services.

Creating a complete package of financial strategies to handle whatever life may bring.

And of course, if all you need is one particular service such as a will or trust – we can provide that too.

We are experts at creating stable streams of income for clients in retirement, be this now or at some time in the future. Our tailored financial plans and portfolios take into account personal aims and preferences, making sure returns are balanced against prudent levels of risk. Our Private Wealth advisers listen carefully and keep in touch to ensure your money is working for you through the right type of investments and ownership structures and responding to change as your needs vary and as the economic environment fluctuates.

As New Zealand’s first established Trustee Company, you can feel confident that our experience, combined with our industry-leading products and services gives real direction and meaning to the financial decisions of a new generation of New Zealanders.

Guiding you to secure financial future

As our client you will benefit from our scale and expertise, and with over 130 years’ experience of Private Wealth management, we will always be on hand to offer you ongoing support – so no matter where you are in life, or how your future may change, we will design a solution specifically for you.


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Our commitment is to ensure your long-term financial success through one-on-one service and an enduring relationship built on trust.

For more information about any of our services or to arrange a complimentary consultation, please call 0800 878 783 or email enquiries@trustees.co.nz

A disclosure statement is available from our Private Wealth Advisers on request and free of charge