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Put a Safeguard on your Future with Enduring Powers of Attorney

Put a Safeguard on your Future with Enduring Powers of Attorney

Jun 06 2019

Along with your will, Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPAs) are a crucial part of your personal risk management strategy. They ensure you have peace of mind, knowing that both you and your affairs will be looked after in accordance with your wishes.

There are two kinds:

  1. An EPA in relation to your property
  2. An EPA in relation to your personal care and welfare


What if you don’t have EPAs in place?

Should you lose your mental capacity without having an EPA in place, managing your affairs can become extremely difficult. It may not be as simple as having your family or friends step in on your behalf - not even your spouse or partner can act for you. If they have not been appointed by EPA, they would not have the legal authority to act for you without an order from the Family Court. This can take up to several months, incur substantial costs and the Court may appoint someone who you would not have chosen yourself. Remember, writing an EPA is a sure way for you to keep control of your affairs.

At Trustees Executors our Private Wealth team provide the specialist expertise and experience necessary to lead you through the process of writing an EPA. Make an appointment with one of our experienced Trust Managers today.


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