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A Will and Enduring Power of Attorney are essential documents you should have in place and create the foundation for any estate plan


Your Will

Did you know that if you die without a will, administering your estate becomes more expensive?

At Trustees Executors we understand that you work hard to provide financial security for yourself and those you care about. It is only right that you decide what you want done with your assets when you die. However if you don’t have a will, you lose that power to decide what happens, and instead the law decides for you. Your loved ones could miss out on their inheritance, plus face a lengthy court application to appoint who takes care of your estate, all because you hadn’t put the right plans in place.

It’s not enough to simply make a will and then forget about it – time and circumstances may drastically change what you own, to whom you wish to make bequests and how you wish to make them.

Appointing an Executor

An executor is the person or organisation that collects your assets and distributes them in accordance with your will. Anyone can be an executor of your will as long as you are confident in their ability to faithfully carry out your wishes. Ideally they should be living in New Zealand to avoid delays. If you appoint more than one executor they must be able to work together as decisions must be unanimous.

Choose Trustees Executors as your Executor

You can appoint Trustees Executors as the executor of your will. You can also appoint Trustees Executors as a co-executor to provide invaluable professional support to a ‘lay person’ such as a family member.

It makes sense to do this for several reasons:

  • You have the reassurance of knowing that your estate will be handled expertly and professionally in accordance with your wishes.
  • You have the benefit of an impartial executor who is unaffected by family conflict and the high emotions that may occur at this time.
  • You have appointed an organisation rather than an individual. It could be several years before your executor has to act for you. During this time the individual appointed may have died or become incapable of handling your affairs.

Trustees Executors has been in operation for nearly 130 years and offers you the continuity you need.


Enduring Power of Attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) gives a person or organisation the authority to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable or do not wish to. There are two types of EPA - one specific to your personal care and welfare and the other specific to your property. You may choose to have one or both.

If you don't have an EPA, managing your affairs can be a nightmare. It is not as simple as your family or friends stepping in on your behalf. If they have not been appointed they must apply to the family court before they can do anything. This can take time and will cost more than if an EPA was in place and the court may appoint someone who you do not want. An EPA means that you keep control of who manages your affairs.

While you cannot appoint Trustees Executors as your EPA for personal care and welfare, we can still help you with advice on choosing an appropriate person. We can however, act as your property attorney either alone or jointly with others.

Why should you appoint Trustees Executors as your Attorney?

  • Impartiality. We’re not involved with family conflict or other personal matters
  • Skills. We have the full knowledge of law, business, finance and investments to ensure all your assets are carefully managed
  • Experience. Trustees Executors has been helping New Zealanders manage their affairs for nearly 130 years
  • Accountability. We have the systems in place to keep good records and provide full accounts
  • Professionalism. We are able to dedicate what ever time is required to managing your affairs


Ensure the Transfer of your Wealth

Writing or updating a will or EPA with Trustees Executors ensures you have a document that is legally binding and professionally and expertly handled. If changes in your life mean you need to make further updates, it's easy to contact us to make the necessary changes so you can have peace of mind that what you want to happen, will happen.

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