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September is Wills Month - Take Advantage of our 50% Discount Offer!

September is Wills Month - Take Advantage of our 50% Discount Offer!

Aug 20 2019

Planning for the future and ensuring your loved ones are well looked after is important. You know you need a will, but it can be difficult to know how to get started and how to navigate those difficult decisions. Trustees Executors are experienced in helping people protect their most precious assets and having an up to date will is the only way you can ensure your wishes are followed in the manner you intend.

As well as looking after loved ones you can also leave bequests and gifts, give to charities, ensure the family heirlooms are left in safe hands, record your funeral wishes, and appoint guardians to take care of your children.

If you haven’t made a will, or it’s not updated, your loved ones might find it very difficult sorting out your final wishes. If there is no will, the law decides how your estate is distributed and people who you may not want to benefit may receive some or all of your assets.

In addition, those left behind may face lengthy delays and considerable costs while they wait for the Court to appoint an administrator to distribute your assets. Things can end up very different to how you might like.

When should you revise your will?

Major changes in your life may affect your will. For example if:

- Your relationship situation has changed – marriage, civil union or de facto (or a change of status from one to another).

- You have had a child or grandchild.

- Your children, grandchildren, or others become dependent on you for support.

- You have bought a house or other major asset.

- You have changed your mind about passing on special items of significance.

- You have made a promise to provide for someone in your will.


Special Offer

For the month of September we are offering a 50% discount off our standard fees for writing or updating a will*.

To take advantage of this offer please contact a Trust Manager in your region:

Call us on 0800 878 783 or email us at enquiries@trustees.co.nz.


Standard Fee for a Simple Will   Discounted Fee for September 2019
$170.00 (individual) $85.00 (individual)
$280.00 (for a couple with mirrored provisions) $140.00 (for a couple with mirrored provisions)


*Applies to a simple will, when Trustees Executors is appointed an executor. Valid until 30 September 2019.

For complex wills please seek an estimate. 

All prices inclusive of GST.